Jan 282013
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Ductless Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Blog

This blog will cover the very latest information and advice about ductless air conditioning and heat pumps, including new installation techniques, advancements in the overall technology, tips for the homeowner who is installing ductless, and information about related systems.  We will be updating this page often as we get new information or advice.

The technology behind ductless central air conditioning and heat pump systems is already quite advanced, and since the inside parts of the systems are actually simple major advancements are rare.  However, there are still minor improvements that any prospective buyer should know about.  This can help ensure that you are getting the most advanced system possible, and also that your installer is up-to-date in his or her knowledge.

We will occasionally accept guest posts from professionals, but only if they are non-promotional in nature since we want to maintain an unbiased and well-rounded site.  We will also accept guest posts and feedback from people who have installed and are using ductless heat pumps or air conditioning systems in their homes.  You can also use the comment section to relay your own experience.

Our blog is comprehensive so we have organized it into the following easy to search categories:

  • Ductless Advantages: The ways ductless central air conditioning and heat pumps can improve your home and its value
  • Ductless Advice: Advice about choosing and installing a system
  • Ductless Costs: The costs of buying, installing, and running a ductless heat pump or air conditioning system
  • Ductless Disadvantages: The disadvantages of choosing this type of system

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