Nov 042012
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We see much less interest in central air conditioning in the wintertime.  That probably was a very obvious sentence for us to write and publish.  Now many people are thinking about the need for cool air when it is snowing out, and when it comes to home improvements ductless central air conditioning is not high on anyone’s list right now and for the next several months.  Perhaps in a way this is a mistake.  If you know you might want ductless next year, now may be the perfect time to install a system.

Ductless central air conditioning installers may be looking for wintertime business, and willing to discount their usual fees in order to install your system.  In addition, manufacturers of ductless may not want to keep last summer’s systems around and may be willing to sell them at reduced prices.  Finally, you may be more willing to do a home improvement during a season when you are more likely to be around, less likely to be on vacation, and better able to choose among a bunch of very willing installers.

Installers of ductless systems may get busy as the weather warms, and they may get particularly filled up after the first very hot spell of the year.  At that point you may find yourself with a wait for the installer of your choice, or with less of a choice overall.  They may inadvertently be more tired or in a rush so that they can quickly move on to the next job, while now you will get their full attention – after all, they want you to say how great they did and how much you love your system when the weather does warm up next spring!

So yes, ductless central air conditioning installations are less common right now, but that does not mean you should not pursue one.


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