Aug 272013
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The major purchase and installation season for ductless heat pumps and central air conditioning is ending and while we cannot stress enough the possibility of installing a ductless central air conditioner or heat pump in the off-season in order to save money and potentially speed the process we know that many people will still wait until next spring. So what is next for us over the next six or seven months or so?  In short, we will be diligently covering new advances in ductless air conditioning and heat pump technology,  new possibilities that are related to ductless, and the drawbacks and advantages of any new designs.  Basically we will make sure we don’t miss a thing as this exciting technology advances and new possibilities roll out.

If you have the possibility of a ductless central air conditioner or heat pump for your home (or perhaps small business) in the back of your mind then please check back often so that you are an informed customer when you do decide to buy a new system.  And if you are also following news and information in the off-season and find something that you think we’d want to know, please feel free to submit it to us through our contact page.   We will also keep track of any related technologies, whether new uses for the ductless framework or new technologies that allow homes and buildings without duct work to get central air conditioning and forced air heating too.

We will continue to be here as a fully independent and unbiased website covering ductless heat pump and central air conditioning technology, one of only a handful of websites that truly has no stake in your ultimate choice so we can bring you information that provides a well-rounded view.  And we will continue to strive to stay up to date, putting as much work into the ductless off-season as we do each spring and summer.

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