May 282013
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For many homeowners the decision to install ductless air conditioning and heat pumps is well thought-out ahead of time, and they take advantage of the fact that both parts and installation costs can be cheaper in the less hot months when manufacturers have more product around and installers have less to do.  In those cases the time it takes to install a system is not quite as important – an extra day means little if the temperature outside is comfortable or even cold.  But what if it is already hot out?  What about the homeowner or small business owner who is responding to a forecast of a particularly hot summer, or who has suddenly just become fed up with the idea of having a hot house or business.  Or maybe a particularly high electric bill arrived since expensive to operate window boxes are being used?  And the same goes for cold in the winter when we think about ductless heat pumps In those cases a fast installation is desired, and the good news is that usually this is quite possible!

Let’s start with the easiest ductless air conditioning and heat pump installation: a system that  is not a minisplit and where there is a clear and easy place to put the outdoor unit.  In that case the installation might be done in one day only.  Cool or warm air in a home or business that has no existing ductwork might be flowing exactly one day later!  But what about a minisplit system, and where there needs to be some outdoor work to site the outdoor part of the system?  Still likely only a couple of days, unless there are significant issues involved with running the tubing, or unless there will be many splits.

So ductless heat pump and air conditioning does not take long to install, and can be done rather quickly.  We don’t advise a purchase like this to be an impulse buy, but then again you can decide to wait and see whether you really want it, and not worry about weeks of construction.

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