Jan 012014
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We already would suggest that ductless heat pumps and air conditioners are alternative energy sources that save energy and reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint.  This may not be universally true, but it is certainly true in the case of a homeowner installing a ductless heat pump to take the place of an older and less efficient system, or a ductless air conditioning system to take the place of an array of window box air conditioners.  But we do admit that ductless home energy is not a true “renewable” source of power, and that those who really want to either live off the grid or dramatically lower their reliance on fossil fuels may not be satisfied with ductless air conditioning and/or heat pumps alone.

For the above reason we wanted to go over the idea of creating a  truly renewable energy system that uses ductless as its means of delivery.  And there is only one simple way of accomplishing that goal, and this is by installing a truly renewable system to power or at least partially power the ductless system.  For example, if you install a home solar energy system, and that is what powers your ductless heat pump or air conditioner, then you have gone truly renewable.  And the great thing about ductless as compared to other ways to heat or cool your home is that it may need less energy input to do its thing, allowing you to more effectively use these alternative energy sources.

Using a ductless systems alone may conserve power and make your home more energy efficient, and we certainly congratulate that.  But adding a true renewable energy system in addition can really pay off as far as your energy costs, resale value, and peace of mind.  We hope that more people take on that challenge in 2014.

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